Indian Parantha’s!

Stuffed Roti’s (aka parantha’s) are an Indian Breakfast Special. We usual eat them with yogurt in the morning on the weekends.

The best thing about them is that they’re easy to make and you can stuff them with anything (so yes they can be healthy)!

  1. You need to make “atta”
  2. You can pick any stuffing, I like to use cut up spinach, grated broccolie, onions and feta cheese! The smaller or more pliable it is (like boiled potatoes) the easier it is to make.
  3. You roll out a flat roti with a rolling pin (and don’t worry if its not circular your first couple of times, but try to get it fairly flat!)
  4. Once you have a circular piece of dough, you stuff the roti with your yummies!
  5. You then pinch up the edges together, to make a new ball -> and re roll it out.
  6. It might rip a bit while rolling but thats okay!
  7. Add a little bit of oil to a frying pan and throw it on, flip when brown on one side.
  8. It’s done when both sides are slightly brown like in the picture